Lighting the Way for Women in Distress

Join our initiative; fuel their journey forward

Our initiative extends a helping hand to women in the US deeply affected emotionally due to challenges faced by their loved ones in countries experiencing turmoil and distress.

The Need & Impact

Many women serve as pillars of their communities but lack the means to seek professional support. Without aid, their well-being can deteriorate, impacting their personal health and the community around them. Health coaching offers a holistic approach—mind, body, spirit—to restore balance and wellness. As per Harvard Publishing, “Coaching is effective for people managing a variety of health conditions.”1

Real Stories

In a article by MSU Today, Zamani-Hank said, “Like many other Iranians and Iranian Americans living here in the U.S., I’ve been cut off from regular communication with my family members in Iran, including my elderly grandparents, due to the ongoing internet outages. It’s been very difficult. My eyes fill with tears as I watch the news every day and see Iranian women, men, children, schoolgirls and university students of all ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds, standing shoulder-to-shoulder and bravely risking their lives to fight against more than 40 years of gender apartheid and oppression. In brave acts of defiance, Iranian women are burning their veils and cutting their hair.”

In a featured article by CNN, Ukrainian-American Mariya Soroka describes her last trip to her home country and the longing she feels to return. Now, she worries about her family there as the war rages on.

NPR spoke with two individuals deeply committed to fostering understanding between Jews and Muslims. The Israel-Hamas war profoundly affects those directly involved, as well as those who are connected to or empathize with Israelis and Palestinians.

How You Can Help

Every single contribution you make joins forces with others to uplift women identified as in critical need by our Initiative. We do this through our tailored Personal Package, offered free of charge, to create lasting, significant improvements in their lives. Our Personal Package is custom-built for this mission. It's a systematic and thoughtfully designed approach to bring about real, sustainable change over time. Here's what it includes:

  • A 30-minute online Discovery Session: This initial meeting enables our health coach to understand the unique circumstances and needs of the individual being coached.

  • Six 60-minute online sessions: These one-on-one meetings will focus on developing and implementing strategies that work towards achieving personal, sustainable goals.

By contributing to this cause, you're not just offering temporary relief; you're investing in the potential of women, providing them with the tools to overcome life's challenges. Empower someone today by supporting our initiative. Together, we can make a meaningful difference!

Use of Funds

As part of our commitment to social responsibility and community engagement, we've launched this initiative to address a critical need that we believe is underserved. While we are a for-profit company, we are dedicated to using funds raised through this initiative efficiently and transparently. We want you to know exactly how the funds are being utilized:

  • Credit Card and Payment Transfer Fees: These third party fees are deducted first. Fees vary based on the payment method but are standard across most financial transactions.

  • 80% of the Remaining Proceeds: These funds are directly used to pay our health coaches for their vital coaching services.

  • 20% for Operational Costs: This portion covers the administrative and operational costs required to ensure the successful and sustainable running of this initiative.

By operating with a 20% overhead, we believe we are maintaining efficiency and ensuring that the maximum possible amount goes directly to helping women in need.

Please note that contributions to this initiative may not be tax-deductible because of our for-profit status. Consult with your tax professional for guidance. Contributions Initiative are non-refundable.

Identifying Recipients: Eligibility and Process

We are dedicated to reaching women who will truly benefit from our initiative. By working closely with those who understand the needs of their communities best, we've established a clear process to identify and qualify recipients:

  • Community Partnerships: We exclusively partner with community organizations, local agencies, and professionals deeply connected to the communities we aim to serve. These trusted partners propose women who may benefit from our initiative, ensuring support reaches those in genuine need.

  • Needs Assessment: Our partners evaluate factors such as emotional well-being, family situation, and other relevant aspects that may have been affected by turmoil and distress in their loved ones' countries.

  • Eligibility Criteria: To be considered, recipients must meet the following criteria:

    • Must be 18 years or older.
    • Must be in the U.S. when receiving health coaching.
    • Ability to communicate in English.

By leveraging the insights and local expertise of our partners and adhering to clear eligibility guidelines, we are extending our helping hand to those who need it most.


Frequently Asked Questions: The Horizons of Hope Initiative


Why was the initiative renamed Horizons of Hope?

Originally named Woman-Life-Freedom in tribute to the resilient women of Iran, we later adopted Horizons of Hope to more broadly encompass our mission to support women from various backgrounds facing diverse challenges, ensuring a brighter, hopeful future for all.


What motivates Ginger-U’s Horizons of Hope Initiative?​

Ginger-U's Horizons of Hope Initiative is motivated by the recognition that many women serve as pillars in their communities but often lack the means to seek professional support for themselves. We aim to bridge this gap by providing tailored health coaching to women in distress, empowering them to achieve balance, wellness, and fulfillment.


Why is the Initiative limited to women?​

While we acknowledge that challenges can impact all genders, this initiative is designed to address specific needs and situations that disproportionately affect women. By focusing our efforts on women, we can tailor our approach to the unique challenges they face.


Since coaching is online, why is the Initiative limited to the U.S.?​

Limiting the Initiative to the U.S. allows us to ensure that our coaches and community partners have a deep understanding of the local context and can provide support that is culturally relevant and in alignment with the regulations and best practices within the country.


Can anyone from any nationality and/or living anywhere worldwide sponsor a woman living in the U.S.?

Yes! We welcome sponsors from any nationality and location around the world. Your support transcends borders, and we believe in the power of global solidarity to make a positive difference in the lives of women in the U.S.


How are the women in need identified and selected for the Initiative?

Women are identified through partnerships with community organizations and local agencies and professionals. They propose candidates based on a needs assessment and specific eligibility criteria, including age, location, and language ability.


How are the funds used, and what percentage goes directly to the coaching services?

After deducting credit card and payment transfer fees, 80% of the remaining proceeds go directly to pay our health coaches. The remaining 20% is used for operational costs, ensuring a significant portion goes directly to aiding women in need.