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Ginger-U offers premium products, services and information that help women understand and optimize their health. From telehealth coaching to health tracking to dietary supplements to THC-free CBD products, Ginger-U is a one-stop solution to managing your health.

Women’s health and well-being are a dynamic balance of physical, emotional, and mental health. However, biological changes and a hectic lifestyle can throw one or the other facet of your health out of whack. A health platform for women, Ginger-U is here to help with your needs.

Health Coaching for the Whole YouOnline & Effective

Ginger-U has a team of experienced women coaches who can help you achieve your health goals from the comfort of your home. They empower and motivate you, bridge the care gap to traditional medicine and help with achieving sustainable lifestyle changes. They offer the self-care guidance and support you need to make the seemingly impossible changes possible. Our coaches cover a wide range of health and wellness practice areas—general health and wellness, weight management, nutrition, emotional & behavioral, and self discovery. All are National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coaches, the most respected certification in the profession.

App for Listening to Your Body Built-in Intelligence

The Ginger-U App, a health and wellness tracker for women, helps you take charge of your health and live a healthier, happier, and more productive life. With many features like pill-reminder, cycle/fertility tracker, menopause tracker, mood tracker, pain tracker, body analysis, and sex life tracker. The App brings awareness and rigor to women’s health and wellness management. Moreover, you can share your questions and insights in the forum, a friendly and safe space for women to anonymously discuss intimate health issues among themselves.

Premium Quality Supplements and CBD ProductsMade in U.S.A. Independently Tested.

Ginger-U offers the finest supplements to complement your diet and support your health. Pure and potent, our supplements support women’s health facets such as urinary tract, ovarian function, hormonal balance, gut flora, and cardiovascular system. Similarly, our portfolio of CBD wellness products is intended to support your well-being. So, try them now and say hello to good health!

The Ginger-U DifferencePutting You First

Did you know nonmedical health solutions are not regulated like traditional medicine? As a result, solution providers have tremendous latitude in making claims, compromising quality and using your data. This is the problem Ginger-U solves. We do it with a commitment to premium quality, high standards and data privacy. You don’t have to stress about quality and trust anymore. Moreover, our combination of coordinated offerings (all in one place) is unique.

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About UsQuality, Integrity, Passion & Innovation

Our mission is to help women understand and optimize their health by providing premium products, services and information.

We began in 2018 with the Ginger-U Pill Tracker App to help women take control of their life with the Pill. Today, we help women take charge of their health and optimize it. Health is personal, multifaceted, and complex; we provide the insight needed to make better decisions.

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