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Consolidate Your Health Milestones

Embrace whole health with Ginger-U

Take control of your health and understand its interdependencies with Ginger-U. Explore 12 essential health facets in a single app, including birth control, periods, menopause, sleep, mood, weight, nutrition, and more.

Features and Capabilities

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  • Comprehensive Pill Support: Reminders, missed-pill guidance, adherence, side effects, and pill library
  • Cycle/Fertility Management: Track ovulation, fertility windows, period impacts, daily tips
  • Holistic Health Tracking: Monitor mood, sleep, weight, activity, nutrition, pain, symptoms
  • Menopause Mastery: Understand symptoms, patterns, triggers, and overall health impact
  • Medication & Supplements: Set reminders, archive, view pharmacy histories
  • Care Provider Info: Store contacts, track appointments, visit notes, preferred pharmacies
  • Get meds and supplements support: Reminders, archiving, and pharmacies you have used to fill each prescription
  • Store care provider information: Contact cards, appointments, visit notes, and preferred pharmacies

Privacy and Security

  • Your Data is Yours: No third-party sales, easy download, hassle-free account deletion
  • Enhanced Security Features: Auto logout after inactivity, biometric login option

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Frequently Asked Questions


Is the App free?



What are Ginger-U’s Privacy Policy and Terms of Use?


Where do I download the App?


Are the iOS and Android versions of the App the same?

Currently, the iOS version is ahead of the Android version in features and capabilities. The Android version will catch up soon.


Why does the App ask for my date of birth, weight, height, etc.?

The App needs accurate data to be useful to you. If you input inaccurate or incomplete data, the information and insights you receive will be inaccurate.


Does the App need or use my phone number and e-mail?

The App uses your e-mail for account setup and the App services. It does not use your phone number. 


How do I keep my identity private when using the App?

Pick a nickname that does not trace back to your identity. Do not disclose your identity when in the Forum.


How should I treat the information in the Forum?

Never use the Forum in place of professional medical help and advice. Keep in mind that the Forum participants are not licensed medical professionals and their advice is always suspect, including if they claim to be medical professionals given Ginger-U does not authenticate such claims.


Can I shop on your website without downloading or using the App?

Yes, you can shop as a guest or create an account without downloading or using the App.

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