Listen to your body with
Ginger-U. From menstruation
through menopause.

Build Your Health LegacyMake better decisions from deeper insight

Track up to 12 health facets. Discover how they are affecting you with the help of artificial intelligence.

Clear Skin CBD Cream
Clear Skin CBD Cream

For women’s wellbeing

  • Build Your Health Legacy
    Track and archive your health from menstruation through menopause
  • Gain Insight and Information
    The more data you enter, the more you will learn about your health
  • Tap Comprehensive Support For The Pill
    Reminders, missed-pill instructions, adherence, side effects, and library
  • Get Meds and Supplements Support
    Reminders, archiving, and pharmacy
  • Store Care Provider Information
    Contact cards, appointments, visit notes, and preferred pharmacies
  • Access Trusted Health Information
    Clear and concise articles full of insight and tips by our health writers
  • Gain Insight and Support From Your Peers
    Forum with anonymous participation
  • Own Your Data and Privacy
    Downloadable and sharable data, auto logout, and account deletion

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