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From Adolescence Through Menopause

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Ginger-U is a free, smart App for women’s health and wellness. It helps you track your (contraceptive) Pill, Cycle/Fertility, Menopause and much more—like Mood, Sex Life, Sleep, Weight, Activity, Nutrition, Pain, Symptoms, Medications, etc. Ginger-U also helps you understand the health facets you track and how they affect one another.

Ask Yourself

Why use different apps for the different facets of your health? Switch to Ginger-U; one app and done! More importantly, your data will not be scattered across different apps. As a result, you can look at your health holistically, build a health data legacy over time, and download/share your data whenever you want.

Privacy Protection

  • We do not sell your data, restrict you from downloading your data, or make it hard to delete your account.
  • Your session logs out automatically after inactivity. Biometric login feature is included for your convenience.

App Features

  • Get comprehensive support for The Pill: Reminders, missed-pill instructions, adherence, side effects, and library.
  • Track your Cycle/Fertility, Menopause, and other health facets with rich features for every tracking option.
  • Gain more insight and information with help from Ginger-U’s artificial intelligence: The more data you enter, the more you will learn about your health as Ginger-U gets to know you.
  • Get Meds and Supplements Support: Reminders, archiving, and pharmacy.
  • Store Care Provider Information: Contact cards, appointments, visit notes, and preferred pharmacies.
  • Access Trusted Health Information: Clear and concise articles full of insight and tips by our health writers.
  • Gain Insight and Support From Your Peers: Forum with anonymous participation.


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