Dedicated to Every Woman's Health Journey

Steadfast in quality, authenticity, and care

At Ginger-U, our vision is of a world where every woman has access to top-tier health solutions that genuinely make a difference. Our mission? To make that vision a reality by offering high-quality products and services, all while upholding the highest standards of integrity and transparency. We're not just a health company; we're your trusted partner in the journey to a healthier, happier life.

The Ginger-U DifferencePutting You First

In an industry where non-medical health solutions often come with blurred lines of efficacy, lax regulations, and potential breaches in data privacy, Ginger-U stands apart. We understand the concerns you might have about quality standards, overstated claims, and the security of your personal data. That's why we commit to premium quality, rigorous quality assurance, evidence-backed claims, and a strict no-data-sale policy. At Ginger-U, we prioritize your trust, well-being, and peace of mind.

Our Story

While Ginger-U is founded by me, it is championed by a diverse team of women experts and designed for the unique journey of every woman. Our core mission, decisions, and services are deeply rooted in female insights and experiences. I'm Mehran Mehregany, CEO and Founder of Ginger-U. My journey, from an academic to an entrepreneur, has been one of innovation and discovery. Delve deeper into my professional path here.

Growing up amidst influential women, I learned early the importance of female well-being. This belief was reinforced during my studies in the U.S., where many "American mothers" became my guardians.

A pivotal moment occurred in 2010: leading a team to develop a pregnancy risk device, we also learned that half of all U.S. pregnancies were unplanned. For many on contraceptive pills, forgetfulness was the culprit. This insight birthed the Ginger-U Pill Tracker App.

But there's a deeper personal drive. My mother, for years, mentioned health issues, including a peculiar sensation in her head. Decades later, we discovered a benign brain tumor. With nearly half of U.S. women feeling their health concerns are dismissed, I realized data is empowerment. Thus, the Ginger-U App expanded, now tracking diverse health facets from menstruation to menopause.

Beyond understanding, action is essential. Ginger-U rises to this challenge, offering quality-assured products and services in a sector where regulation can be lax.

Ginger-U is more than a brand; it's our commitment to advocating women's health at every life stage.

Clear Skin CBD Cream
Ginger-UWhy the Name?
Clear Skin CBD Cream

A frequent question, indeed! Our brand's name is a blend of personal history and mission. "Ginger" reflects our founder's family belief in the health benefits of ginger root. Paired with "U," representing "you," the name symbolizes our dedication to the union of health benefits and individual well-being. In essence, Ginger-U signifies "health and you."