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Doing well by doing right

We Are an American Company Founded in 2017

Our values are quality, integrity, passion and innovation

Our mission is to help women understand and optimize their health by providing premium quality products, services and information. We bring quality standards and assurance to areas of health and wellness that are loosely regulated by the government. Examples include health tracking apps, health coaching, dietary supplements and CBD products.

We contribute 5% of our corporate earnings to our Woman-Life-Freedom Initiative.

Health is personal, multifaceted, and complex. We don’t just sell products and services. We also provide the insight and trust needed to make better decisions and have better health experiences. We build our business with input from women like you.

The Ginger-U DifferencePutting You First

Did you know nonmedical health solutions (such as health and wellness apps, health coaching, dietary supplements and CBD products) are only loosely regulated? As a result, solution providers have tremendous latitude in quality standards, efficacy claims, labeling language and selling your data. These are the problems Ginger-U solves for you. We do it with a commitment to premium quality, quality assurance, objective claims and not selling you data.

Our Story

I am Mehran Mehregany the CEO and Founder of Ginger-U. I have spent my professional career in advancing research, education and innovation—as a professor and entrepreneur. To learn more about my professional career, click here.

Having grown up in a family surrounded by women, I was always in earshot of their (health) conversations—that is until 17 years of age when I moved to the U.S. for education. Once in the U.S., I was fortunate to have several American mothers look after me. These experiences shaped my belief that if one can only afford to send one child to college, it should be the daughter, because of the role she will play in the family and society. Correspondingly, her wellbeing is paramount.

In 2010, I was fortunate to lead an engineering team that developed an in-home pregnancy risk monitoring device. Research showed that 1 out of 2 pregnancies in the U.S. (and the world) are unintended, and that for women on the pill the main reason is missed pills. So, I decided to help women take control of their lives with the pill by developing the Ginger-U Pill Tracker App. 

As far back as I can remember, my mother always complained about her health, including an unusual feeling in her head. It was not until she was 75 and getting impaired that we discovered a benign tumor has been growing on her brain all these years; it was now quite large, leading to her impairment.

46% of women in the U.S. say their doctors do not take their complaints seriously. I believe a key solution to this problem is to arm her with data, which has been my motivation to elaborate the Ginger-U App. The App now provides for tracking a wide range of health facets she may need to understand from menstruation through menopause.

Understanding her health is the first step toward better health. The next step is to access the products and services she needs to optimize her health. Ginger-U brings quality standards and assurance to such products and services that are loosely regulated by the government.

Clear Skin CBD Cream
Ginger-UWhy the Name?
Clear Skin CBD Cream

The curiosity around our brand’s name is frequent, to say the least! The choice of the name “Ginger” comes from our founder’s family, who are big believers in the health benefits of the ginger root. “Ginger” is intended to convey “health benefits”, and the “U” simply stands for “you”. So, Ginger-U is intended to imply “health and you”.