6 Major Health Issues Faced By LGBTQ Community

LGBTQ identification in the USA has increased 7.1%, reports a Gallup survey. Furthermore, among those who identify as LGBTQ, 21% of the respondents are Generation Z (i.e., adults born between 1997 and 2003). These statistics paint a positive picture of the acceptance of the LGBTQ ...

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What is Ovulation Pain, and Why Does It Occur?

Ovulation pain is less understood compared to menstrual pain. However, it affects many women, at least once ...

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Five Common Causes of Breast Pain and Tips to Manage It

Most women experience breast pain or mastalgia at some point in their lives. Knowing the causes of mastalgia helps understand how to alleviate it and may prevent its recurrence. Read on to understand what may cause pain in breasts.[…]

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Women in Pain

Ways To Ease Pelvic Pain In Women

A common problem among women, pelvic pain has several causes. It may be acute, chronic, severe, or sudden, depending upon the exact cause. Its nature, intensity, and duration also vary. Sometimes, it may be difficult to pinpoint the precise location where the pain originates from. For example, pelvic pain may start because of a problem in the genitals or organs surrounding the pelvis, or it may even be psychosomatic. […]

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Healthy Food

Premenstrual Syndrome: Home Remedies For Natural Relief

Premenstrual Syndrome (or PMS) is a common female health problem. Because half of her life …

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