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Common Topics on the Minds of Many Women

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How to Use CBD Effectively?

Using CBD optimally and safely requires learning the right pace/quantity and being tuned to your body’s response. This is particularly important if you are a new or novice user. This session answers questions on what to know, how to start, and how to listen to your body.

$60 / 30 minutes

How to Balance Your Energy System?

Energy healing is a holistic practice concerned with the energy centers of the body—a subject of much interest since old times and across the world. This session answers your questions and teaches techniques to balance your own energy based on your needs.

$60 / 30 minutes

How to practice self-care effectively?

Self-care is a practice that nourishes your body, mind, and spirit. Self-care is different for everyone. This session will explore any barriers you may have to practice self-care, provides insight into the benefits of self-care, and suggests what practices may offer you that nourishment.

$60 / 30 minutes

How to transform your life?

Transforming your life is a big deal, but most of us will benefit from it when needed. This session covers the changes you would like to see, what is happening now, and explores the discrepancy between the two. We will use your intrinsic motivation and values to leverage the transformation you desire.

$60 / 30 minutes

How to Detox Safely and Naturally?

Our bodies are equipped with a natural detoxification system that can easily get overwhelmed by all the toxins that we are exposed to every day. This session answers your questions about identifying and eliminating toxins in your environment. It offers simple strategies to enhance your body’s natural detoxification processes.

$60 / 30 minutes

How to Manage Stress Effectively?

Stress is a natural reaction that we all experience when faced with challenges. However, long-term, chronic stress can have a powerful negative impact on your life and health. This session answers your questions, highlights common causes and symptoms of chronic stress, and offers simple strategies to manage stress.

$60 / 30 minutes

How to lose weight and maintain your results?

Creating a sustainable strategy for losing weight is key to success, but what happens after you reach your goal? You must have a strategy to maintain your new weight. In this session, we will discuss the best strategies for successful weight loss and a plan to maintain it, while maintaining life balance.

$60 / 30 minutes

How to know how much protein to eat?

Protein is a primary building block for the body. Requirements vary for individuals due to many factors as well as goals. This session will answer your questions on how much to consume for your body, ideas on best protein sources and strategies to integrate your protein target into your day.

$60 / 30 minutes

How to Change One’s Mindset?

A mindset is a belief system you hold in your mind about your abilities; it helps you sort out and respond to situations. This session will help you gain clarification about your current mindset and how to start changing it to improve aspects of your life that are not satisfactory.

$60 / 30 minutes

How to optimize your social support?

Positive relationships improve quality of life, reduce stress, and support a better mood. In this session, we will dive into how you can find social support, decide who is in your inner and outer circles, and create a plan that supports healthy boundaries and positive relationships.

$60 / 30 minutes

How to Nourish Your Life?

Nourishment sustains us and makes us happy to be here. It’s the sense of being “fed” in all areas of life. This session will help you identify which areas in your life need extra care and help you create a plan to improve the quality of your life experiences.

$60 / 30 minutes

How to Create a Budget for Financial Well-Being?

Effectively managing your finances is crucial for improving your quality of life and alleviating stress. In this session, we will identify your needs and help you begin to create a personal budget considering these needs. You will receive resource suggestions as well.

$60 / 30 minutes

How to Thrive After a Breakup or Divorce?

By Coach Ashley Thomas

When a relationship ends, it can be devastatingly painful. The sense of loss and disruption often seems overwhelming. This session gives you tools to process powerful emotions and move past the heartache. Not only is it possible to heal after a breakup, it’s possible to thrive using the strategies taught in this session.

$60 / 30 minutes