Are you taking an OCP? Meet your new best friend. Ginger-U is helping women better navigate through their journeys on “the pill.” Ginger-U is so much more than a friendly reminder that “one a day keeps the baby away.” It’s like the fairy godmother of birth control you never knew you needed, but now can’t be without.

Quick Facts:

In the U.S. alone, a whopping 50% of pregnancies are unplanned! 28% of women were using oral contraceptive pills (OCPs) during the time of conception. If the pill is 99.7% effective, why is this number so high? The leading cause of unintended pregnancies in women taking OCPs is poor adherence, i.e., taking the pill as prescribed. To put it simply, women are in dire need of better tools and resources when it comes to OCP adherence. Ginger-U is committed to making a difference.

Ginger-U Is The “Smarter” OCP App:

The pill works best if taken at the same time every day; that’s nothing new, but with work, school, friends, boyfriends, and life in general, sometimes preventing pregnancy takes a back seat. We’re putting a new spin on the ‘boring’ birth control apps that just send a daily reminder to take your pill or let you know when your next period will arrive. With Ginger-U, users can learn in-depth information about their bodies, get peer advice, and even learn what to do in case a pill is missed.

What Should You Know About Ginger-U?

Ginger-U isn’t a pill reminder app; it’s a support system for women to better care for their sexual health and overall wellbeing. Ginger-U is one of the most personalized apps on the market. On the app, users will receive personalized reminders to take their pill daily with the option of a “reminder buddy,” to motivate them to maintain good adherence and/or engage their partner in learning about their contraceptive. We make it easy to keep a diary of side effects (mood changes, acne, weight gain, etc.) so you’ll be fully prepped for your next doctor visit.

Building A Community:

Our forum is a tell-all for everything period, pregnancy, and OCP related. Users can ask questions, share experiences, or offer advice to fellow women on the forum. We’ve also compiled a library of all OCP pill brands to compare and contrast. Learn everything you want to know about your pill or one you’re considering switching to from the women who take it.

Building A Community:

  • OCP education
  • Access to our Ginger-U community forum
  • Personalized pill reminders
  • Instructions on what to do if you miss a pill
  • Tracking adherence behavior
  • Diary for side effects + sexual activity
  • OCP library to compare & contrast all brands
  • Period and fertility tracking

Ginger-U app is available in both iOS and Android stores. Life is hard enough, never miss a pill again, track your periods, and never go through the turmoil of an unplanned pregnancy. With Ginger-U by your side, birth control has never been easier.

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