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We are very selective when it comes to our coaches, insisting that they have an appropriate level of education and experience so our clients can achieve optimum results. The
NBC-HWC certification is the most respected training and education credential in the profession.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Why weight management coaching?

We all know how important it is to achieve and maintain a healthy weight. It promotes longevity, vitality and allows us to lead full lives. However, it can be a struggle to sort through all the information, address underlying issues, and make sustainable changes that last a lifetime. This can be further complicated by the fact that everyone’s body, goals, and lifestyle are unique. That is why weight management coaching can be a powerful tool for transformation.


What does a Ginger-U weight management coach do for me?

Our weight is influenced by a number of factors. There’s so much more than calories in, calories out. A coach gets to know the whole you, and works with you to provide accountability and support by:

  • Exploring nutrition, movement, sleep, and stress Management

  • Using science-based resources, including meal plans, journal prompts, and meditation tools to find what works for you

  • Creating a personalized vision, clarifying goals, and constructing action steps that get you to your desired outcome

  • Connecting with your own internal motivation and accessing the inspiration to sustain lifestyle changes, even when there are challenges

  • Celebrating wins and acknowledging progress to create additional positive motivation that leads to success


How will my life change?

When all areas of nourishment are addressed, you will find your body calibrating to a healthy weight with a sense of ease. You will see the positive physical changes that result. On a deeper level, you will create a better relationship with your body, gain more self-acceptance, and free yourself from the constant focus on food and weight.


How does Ginger-U coaching work?

The breadth and depth of the coaching and related outcomes depend on the amount of time you invest. Overall, coaching comprises the following work:

  • Clarifying what you would like to achieve, considering your vision, values and purpose

  • Outlining how your coach can help you on this journey

  • Developing a personalized plan to move forward

  • Accessing your natural talents, core values and motivations that fuel you

  • Understanding and overcoming blocks

  • Rewiring limiting beliefs and old patterns that no longer serve you

  • Tuning your personalized roadmap based on what you learn (i.e., to ensure a solid step-by-step guide to achieve your goals and aspirations)

You start seeing results through action and loving accountability. You will step into your core self—your highest expression—as you learn to tap into your internal navigation system and trust your intuition, as well as the gentle whispering that you hear from your heart. You will continue to feel empowered through reference and exercise material that will help you stay on track with your goals.

For Personal Packages, your coach will be there for you between sessions as your support and accountability partner through the Ginger-U coaching platform.