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When you take our supplements, you know what you are putting in your body. Ours are made in facilities certified for Good Manufacturing Processes (GMP) and registered with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The Certificates of Analysis (CoA) are displayed on the product pages and verify the Supplement Facts table.

Frequently Asked Questions


What are the benefits of dietary supplements and are they safe to use?

Click here for answers by the National Institute of Health. Two out of three U.S. adults use dietary supplements to improve or maintain overall health.


Why are some supplements not “All Natural”?

Some ingredients (like Vitamin E in our Beauty Formula) are more readily synthesized, i.e., made artificially. Most dietary supplements in the market use synthetic ingredients chemically equivalent to their natural counterparts.


Aren’t synthetic nutrients chemical?

Yes. Life is chemical! Our bodies are bags of chemicals. All the natural foods we eat are inherently chemical. The synthetic version of a natural nutrient is the same as the natural nutrient when it is chemically equivalent to the natural version.


Does natural mean safer or better? Not necessarily!

Natural ingredients can have adverse side effects ranging in severity depending on use.


In choosing dietary supplement brands, what is the top consideration?

Knowing what you are putting in your body, i.e., purity and composition. Purity means you are only consuming the intended ingredients. Composition means you are getting the intended amounts of nutrients.


How can I verify purity and composition of a supplement brand?

The only way is a Certificate of Analysis (CoA) by an independent lab. Of brands that provide a CoA, look to see if the CoA is per manufactured lot or not. We provide a CoA for each manufactured lot, which is the best assurance.