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We are very selective when it comes to our coaches, insisting that they have an appropriate level of education and experience so our clients can achieve optimum results. The
NBC-HWC certification is the most respected training and education credential in the profession.

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Integrative Nutrition
Life-Style Transformation
Energy Healing
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Frequently Asked Questions


Why emotional and behavioral coaching?

Life does what life does. Sometimes situations are incredibly challenging and the internal resources to overcome them seems lacking to non-existent. Our responses seem like they are on autopilot. We somehow think “This is just how I am” or “I have always responded/been this way”. Yet, during these moments, something inside—sometimes a whisper so quiet it is almost silent—says there is another way to ‘be’ while navigating. And that voice inside is correct; there is absolutely another way. You can nurture this alternate response and shift those lifelong patterns. This is where emotional and behavioral coaching comes in and why it is so valuable.


What does a Ginger-U coach do for me?

There is no “one-perfect solution” that is effective for everyone because we are unique, with our own distinct backgrounds and compendium of life experiences. What works for one person likely will not work for another. However, there is a process that helps identify your unique path so you can feel at home within yourself while creating the life you have imagined for yourself, i.e., no matter what is happening around you. Working with a coach offers support and accountability while helping you:

  • Explore your internal dialogue

  • Determine how that dialogue can shift to support your goals

  • Build a greater awareness of the thoughts and subsequent feelings you may not even realize are present

  • Learn to recognize the subtle nuances of the shifting emotions so that you can then begin to shift your mind and behavior in response to those emotions

  • Set and achieve your goals

  • Create a more empowered, confident relationship with yourself and show up in your world as the best version of yourself.


How will my life change?

When the realization sets in that your thinking and feeling have a direct impact on your wellbeing, the desire to change takes a firmer hold. When you are consistently living from a place of forgiveness, gratitude, love and compassion, especially for yourself, you begin to experience increased energy and vitality, greater mental clarity and focus, better mood, calmer responses, more ease in allowing and being with your feelings, and better overall health.


How does Ginger-U coaching work?

The breadth and depth of the coaching and related outcomes depend on the amount of time you invest. Overall, coaching comprises the following work:

  • Clarifying what you would like to achieve, considering your vision, values and purpose

  • Outlining how your coach can help you on this journey

  • Developing a personalized plan to move forward

  • Accessing your natural talents, core values and motivations that fuel you

  • Understanding and overcoming blocks

  • Rewiring limiting beliefs and old patterns that no longer serve you

  • Tuning your personalized roadmap based on what you learn (i.e., to ensure a solid step-by-step guide to achieve your goals and aspirations)

You start seeing results through action and loving accountability. You will step into your core self—your highest expression—as you learn to tap into your internal navigation system and trust your intuition, as well as the gentle whispering that you hear from your heart. You will continue to feel empowered through reference and exercise material that will help you stay on track with your goals.

For Personal Packages, your coach will be there for you between sessions as your support and accountability partner through the Ginger-U coaching platform.