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Integrative Health & Well-Being
Eating Behavior
Lifestyle Transformation

I assist my clients optimize their well-being and find their "spark" or "inner bliss" to live joyfully while fulfilling their life’s purpose. Using compassion and a holistic, conscious approach to living, I help them uncover mindset blocks interfering with positive behavior changes. My training in Dynamic Eating Psychology helps address challenges with body image, weight, overeating, binge eating, emotional eating, immunity, fatigue and more. Clients explore their relationships – to self and others, food and body, and movement while experimenting with innovative approaches to living and nourishing their mind, body and soul.

What She Does

With a focus on whole person well-being, I support clients in creating the life they want to live, providing a supportive, compassionate space along the way. I encourage self-compassion throughout the process.


  • National Board for Health and Wellness Coaching

  • Integrative Health and Well-Being

  • Mind Body Eating

  • Yoga Teacher Training