The contribution of sex to overall well-being is an oft-discussed topic. In addition to fostering the bond with your partner, it offers several psychological benefits including better self-image, relief from stress, and improved sleep. However, few people talk about the significance of intimacy in a relationship. Often, people confuse sex with intimacy, but the two are not the same. While sex is a physical act, intimacy need not always be sexual even when it involves touching each other.

Why is intimacy with your partner important?

Understand it this way. Intimacy is the foundation of your relationship and sex strengthens it. Various types of intimacies—mental, emotional, experimental, and creative are the pillars of your relationship. These are the keys to understanding each other, being vulnerable before each other, and sharing a sense of belonging. Connecting with your partner beyond sex deepens mutual respect and love as you learn to respect differences while cherishing what is common between both of you. Shared values and goals make your relationship more interesting as you have something new and different to look forward to when sex takes a backseat.

How can a relationship be intimate without sex?

While building sexual intimacy carries weight in a relationship, emotional, mental, and intellectual intimacies often precede it in healthy relationships. Many times, couples feel emotionally closer after they have had sex. There can be different scenarios; couples today hit it off in various ways. However, remember that you cannot build intimacies inorganically. Also, couples with a long-term vision for their relationship learn to be emotionally naked before each other, alongside being physically naked. They are honest, transparent, and comfortable sharing varied aspects of their lives, whether good, bad, or ugly.

How to increase intimacy level?

Here are a few simple tips for being more intimate with your partner.

  1. Communicate more – Talk to each other openly and politely. Be vulnerable when appropriate and respect your partner when they trust you with their feelings, including difficult feelings to. Show respect even when they share something you dislike. Doing so gives them the confidence to be their true selves with you.
  1. Appreciate each other – Besides complimenting and whispering sweet nothings, say ‘thank you' and ‘well done' more often. Be appreciative and grateful to each other. Whether it is for a household chore or professional help or else, show appreciation when your partner supports you.
  1. Touch each other more – It includes both sexual and non-sexual touch. Physical touch deepens your bond with your partner. Hugging, kissing, caressing, and putting arms on each other’s shoulders or around waists are some of the tried and tested non-sexual gestures. Coming back to sex, try different positions, give more time to foreplay, and do not forget giving each other a bone-deep massage.
  1. Say hello to technology – You may track your sex life using an app for the sexual wellness of women. The Ginger-U app not only helps you record the frequency and quality of sex, but also a number of related issues. It helps uncover patterns and triggers that affect you positively and negatively, e.g., partner choices, preferences, safety, etc.
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