Sex should be consensual, pleasurable, and safe. This is why several questions pop up on period sex. So if you are wondering whether you should take the plunge during that time of the month, here’s a guide to help you gain clarity.

Is It Good To Have Sex On Your Period?

Yes, absolutely! The only reservation that could be there is your perception of hygiene. Some people may find period sex messy. Pain is another consideration. Sex during periods could be painful and uncomfortable for people who experience moderate to severe cramps when menstruating. However, if you menstruate normally, period sex may, in fact, have a few benefits.

What Are The Benefits Of Period Sex?

  • Eases period pain
    When you go between the sheets, the big aha moment (orgasm it is!) may help alleviate menstrual pain. The contraction and release of uterine muscles during sex may help decrease period cramps.

  • Uplifts mood
    The release of endorphins during sex may help stabilize mood swings. Besides, having sex and building intimacy with your partner are good distractions when dealing with menstrual cramps and discomfort.

  • Natural lubrication
    Period blood is a natural lubricant, making penetration easier by keeping your vagina moist. So, you can keep your lubes away when having intercourse during periods.

  • Relief from headache
    The lesser-known and surprising benefit of period sex is that it may help relieve headaches triggered by migraine. The National Migraine Centre reports that periods and migraine attacks may be linked. Also, sex may help alleviate headaches partially or completely. Therefore, period sex might relieve menstrual migraines.

What Are The Consequences Of Period Sex?

Even though period sex is safe can be positive, it has a few downsides.

  • It can create a mess
    The blood can stain the sheets and your partner’s nether regions, especially when you have a heavy flow. The smell of the period blood may also turn your partner off. A focus on making it less messy may make sex less enjoyable.

  • Risk of an infection
    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention informs that sex during period increases the risk of getting or transmitting an STI. In addition, your period blood may carry and transmit the virus. Therefore, always use a condom to minimize such risks.

  • Less scope for trying different sex positions
    Oral sex, doggy style, and sixty-nine are a few sex positions you should avoid when menstruating. Instead, the good-old missionary style, spooning, and woman-on-top could be your best picks for maximum pleasure and minimum discomfort.

More Tips For Sex During The Period

The first tip is to ensure that your partner is ready for sex during periods (and otherwise as well!). Avoid coersing him/her into sex if he/she has already said no. Other tips include removing the tampon before sex, keeping a disposable sheet underneath to avoid stains on the bedding, and taking a bath after sex.

Remember, there are no hard and fast rules about having sex during periods. Consent, comfort level, and cleanliness are the three Cs to keep in mind for making period sex a positive experience.

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