“Sleep like a baby”, you must have heard this idiom which means to sleep very well. For teenagers or adults, one must aim to sleep like a baby. But why? Why is sleep so important?

Studies suggest that lack of good sleep can have an impact on physical as well as mental health. It is also responsible for emotional well-being, so much so that not getting enough sleep can sabotage daily activities.

Deep sleep is essential for the proper functioning of your body and mind. You may have searched on the internet “why do I not sleep well”, “how to sleep with insomnia and anxiety”, well not anymore. Here are some answers to your question on how to improve sleep quality naturally.

Sleeping hacks to fall asleep faster

Here are some underrated sleeping hacks that will answer your question as to how to sleep well and fast at night?

Cold shower for better sleep

Taking a cold shower before sleep will help calm your body and mind. The blood circulation that happens after you get out of a cold shower (and before sleep), soothes your body and helps you relax, hence making you sleep better.

Fixing timings

Setting up an internal body clock will not only keep you disciplined but also helps you sleep well. The body automatically feels sleepy the time you’re regularly sleeping; it gets used to it. Make sure to sleep and wake up at almost the same time and you will see meaningful improvements in your sleeping pattern.

Food for good sleep

Eating too much or eating too little can hamper sleep. Did you know eating at the wrong time is also something that affects your quality of sleep? Here is how.

It is recommended to have dinner 2-3 hours before going to bed. Go light on dinner as the heavier the food, the more time it takes to digest, which leads to hampering sleep quality. Your body and mind must be in a state of rest while sleeping.

A supplement for enhancing mood and sleep does a great job. It acts as a catalyst for the body to sleep well. Melatonin and other natural ingredients like Ashwagandha support good sleep.

The right environment for sleep

What does this mean? A suitable environment for sleep means setting the temperature right, wearing loose cotton clothes, and keeping the room as dark as possible—all to make your body believe it’s time for going to sleep. Doing so is essentially a psychological play with the mind and great for sleeping better.


In this article, we discussed a few powerful ways to sleep well. Quality sleep shouldn’t be taken for granted; unfortunately, it is often taken for granted nowadays. It is not normal to be an insomniac. One must aim to sleep well without hindrances.

The methods given above are great ways to help regulate your sleeping cycle. Are you ready to conquer insomnia and get a better lifestyle with quality sleep? Here is another informative article that you should read: 5 Tips For Better Sleep.

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