Staying on track with birth control can be difficult for today's women. Let's face it, the day moves fast, and taking your pill at the same time every day might not be possible for you. For that very reason, birth control pill trackers are here to make your life easier and birth control more effective.

However, a birth control tracker does more than remind you to take contraceptives. It'll help you learn about your pill, give instructions on what to do when you miss a pill, and help you keep better track of your body. It's time to get to know your body and pill the right way. Trust us; there's a lot more to it than you think!

How Do You Track Birth Control Pills?

Using a contraceptive pill tracker to monitor your pill schedule is simple. Once you have downloaded the app, fill in your details (for example, name, age, weight, etc.) and the prescribed pill, dosage, and duration. And voila! You will start receiving reminders to stay on top of your pill schedule. Choose an easy-to-use app with added features that allow you to find the right birth control pill, define a schedule, send reminders, and interact with community members dealing with similar issues.

What Are The Features Of A Birth Control App?

Here are some essential features you should look for while choosing a birth control pill app.

  • Daily Notifications Sent Right To Your Phone
    You can get a daily reminder sent to your phone whatever way you'd like. This feature keeps you on track, in compliance, and adherent to your birth control schedule. Loud alarms and alerts or discrete notifications? Some apps let you choose how you want to be reminded about your medication schedule.

  • Real-time And Accurate Metrics
    Regarding birth control, taking your pill at the same time every day is critical. With just the tap of a screen, you can see real-time metrics on how often you've taken or missed your pill.

  • Track The Side Effects
    Often, birth control can create strange side effects that we may not be expecting. You can easily track and record these side effects through the drop-down list of side effects. In addition, you can track trends, find repetitions and patterns, and reach out to the larger community of women for feedback or advice through the app's forum.

  • Your Pill Diary
    In addition to keeping track of pill schedules, body changes, and side effects, you can use the integrated pill diary to record your sexual activity. This feature allows you to become closer to your own body, giving you more insight into how your body responds to your contraceptive.

  • Discover Your Manufacturer's Label
    With hundreds of contraceptive pills are available, finding information about your specific pill shouldn't be a challenge by using a pill reminder app. For example, with Ginger-U, you can browse the massive database of over 180 contraceptive pill manufacturer labels to find yours. From there, access critical information about your specific pill through the platform.

  • Take Control Over Your Life Today
    If you're ready to take control of your relationship with your pill, it's time to download a birth control tracker app. Thinking of starting with Ginger-U? Get it on the Apple App Store and Google Play for iPhone and Android devices.

How Effective Is Birth Control Pill Tracker?

A whopping 99.7%! Yes, a birth control tracker could be a game-changer for your reproductive health. When used correctly, it prevents pregnancy effectively. Besides, it helps with hormonal issues such as acne, PMS, and PCOS/PCOD, among others.

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