About Ginger-U

There are things we have control over, and things we don’t. Medication adherence is one of those things we have control over, provided we have support tools. Our aim is to underline to the importance of medication adherence, and provide tools to enhance it. Keeping in mind family planning, we invented our product to help women remember to take the pill on time, every day, and have important information at hand in case of a missed pill. We want to inspire women to set perfect adherence as the goal and to achieve it, with the help of Ginger-U.

The reason behind creating our product is born out of our life experiences. In our circles of friends and relatives, there are women for whom pregnancy was a surprise, because they were on the pill: "I’M ON THE PILL, HOW COULD IT HAPPEN?!”

In trying to understand the reason why the unplanned event occurred—why the pill wasn’t effective—they discovered that they had missed one or more pills, usually because of busy lives, but also out of lack of awareness: not knowing what to do if she forgot to take her pill. So we focused on their lives and we realized that between the busy schedules, not understanding how to take pill, not knowing how fundamental it is to be rigorous about taking it, what to do in case the pill was missed, not having the pill’s information at hand, etc., we had the answer: life is distracting. This is what got us thinking about finding a solution, and is the reason why we became passionate about creating a product that women could count on. A simply intuitive and discreet, reliable product: Ginger-U

How much do you know about your pill? Do you know what to do when you miss a pill?
Why even miss a pill? Ginger-U is the answer to these and more.
Simply Intuitive. Discreetly Effective.